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Cluster II Wideband (WBD) Data User and Calibration Guides


Users of Cluster WBD data, obtained from this website or from one of the links under "Data & Tools" -> "Data Archives" in the menu, are encouraged to consult the following documents, which are archived at the Cluster and Double Star Science Archive (CSA) (https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/csa/access), and from this website via the links below:

  1. User Guide to the WBD Measurements in the Cluster Active Archive (CAA): This guide provides comprehensive information about the WBD instrument and its various modes and an explanation of the data contained in the WBD CDF and CEF data files. It also contains a definition of the orientation angles contained in the archive files, as well as a figure illustrating these angles. Descriptions of the WBD overview and high resolution spectrograms are also provided. Recommendations on how to effectively use the WBD data are provided at the end of this document.
  2. Calibration Report of the WBD Measurements in the Cluster Active Archive CAA): This document provides an explanation of the steps taken in order to take the raw WBD data (integer values of 0 to 255 obtained on the spacecraft) to come up with the calibrated electric (mV/m) and magnetic (nT) field. Also, it provides a short tutorial on how to take these data from the time domain into the frequency domain via a Fast Fourier Transform. For those users interested in cross calibrations of WBD data with other Cluster instrument data, Section 6 provides a brief description of what has been done in this regard.

We strongly encourage data users to review the Interpretation Issues and Caveats pages on this website, also available as PDF documents at the CSA.