This node of the Space Physics Data System exists to provide access to plasma wave phenomena found in Earth orbit by a variety of spacecraft including:

Currently, this node provides access to wideband plasma wave data which have been archived from the above missions by digitizing the analog wideband waveform data. While the archiving process is still in progress a catalog of available data can be viewed which is organized by spacecraft. After selecting a spacecraft, a directory of *.gif images will appear. The images are relatively low temporal resolution dynamic spectrograms of the wideband data which have been archived to date. The file name is in the format YYDDDHHMM_s/cID_bandwidth.gif where the date/time identifier is the beginning time of the spectrogram s/cID identifies the spacecraft, and bandwidth indicates the bandwidth of the wideband data. Where an instrument can provide more than one bandwidth, a subdirectory dividing the data into different bandwidths appears before the directory of *.gif files. By clicking on a *.gif entry in the directory, the dynamic spectrogram will appear. Should you find an interval of data in which you have an interest and would like to obtain the original data, send an email message to indicating the spacecraft, bandwidth, and start-end times of the desired data to the nearest minute. Please understand that these are very voluminous data sets and that even a few minutes is a large amount of data. Depending on the size of your order, we will either mount the file(s) for ftp or will contact you about a suitable hard medium upon which to write the data.

If you have requests for data not represented in this catalog, please send us an email message describing the spacecraft, date, time interval and bandwidth you are interested in and we will see if data exists for the interval and put them in the queue for digitizing.

In the future we hope also to offer access to the lower volume, lower resolution spectrum analysis data from these missions. At this time, we will respond in an ad hoc fashion to specific requests but do not have the capability to provide on-line access to these data.

Various data products ranging from static survey plots to interactive graphical analysis tools are also available through the Plasma Wave Group's web pages for Geotail, Polar, and Cluster II.

Plasma wave data are available for the outer planet magnetospheres through the University of Iowa outer planets subnode of the Planetary Data System/ Planetary Plasma Interactions node.

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