The following University of Iowa Galileo data sets have been submitted to the Planetary Data System - Planetary Plasma Interactions node for review and archiving. Note that these data have not yet been verified as correct and that the associated catalog and label files will almost certainly be changed before they are formally accepted by the PDS.

An entire data set can be downloaded as a gzip-compressed tar file by selecting the associated [tar.gz] button. Not all data sets are currently available online.

Datasets Awaiting Peer Review

Mission Phase Instrument Data Set Files Get .tar.gz Plots
Launch PWS LRS Summary [dir] [tar.gz]
Launch PWS LRS Full Resolution [dir] [tar.gz]
Checkout PLS Summary
Checkout PWS LRS Summary [dir] [tar.gz]
Checkout PWS LRS Full Resolution [dir] [tar.gz]
Venus PLS Summary [dir] [tar.gz] [plots]
Venus PLS Full Resolution EDR
Venus PWS LRS Summary [dir] [tar.gz]
Venus PWS LRS Full Resolution [dir] [tar.gz]
Earth 1 PLS Summary [dir] [tar.gz] [plots]
Earth 1 PLS Full Resolution EDR
Earth 1 PWS LRS Summary [dir] [tar.gz]
Earth 1 PWS LRS Full Resolution [dir] [tar.gz]
Gaspra PLS Summary [dir] [tar.gz] [plots]
Gaspra PLS Full Resolution EDR
Gaspra PWS LRS Summary [dir] [tar.gz]
Gaspra PWS LRS Full Resolution [dir] [tar.gz]
Earth 2 PLS Summary [dir] [tar.gz] [plots]
Earth 2 PLS Full Resolution EDR
Earth 2 PWS LRS Summary [dir] [tar.gz]
Earth 2 PWS LRS Full Resolution [dir] [tar.gz]
Ida PLS Summary [dir] [tar.gz] [plots]
Ida PLS Full Resolution EDR
Ida PWS LRS Summary [dir] [tar.gz]
Ida PWS LRS Full Resolution [dir] [tar.gz]

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Interactive Plot Generation

Galileo PWS analysis tools
Galileo PLS browse data viewer
Galileo PWS browse data viewer

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